Artificial Grass?

What is Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is more than just the turf grass itself. It’s a complete landscape system. The artificial turf system includes preparation of the ground the synthetic turf will be installed on, the drainage through the synthetic grass backing, the infill material used to keep the artificial grass blades erect and provide ballast, and the yarn that create the “fake-grass lawn” blades. The synthetic grass product itself is sometimes referred to as fake grass, grass carpet or an artificial lawn. The best fake grass lawn is comprised of fibers or yarn that are tufted or quilted into a backing to create the appearance of an organic lawn.

RenoSutra only uses polyethylene or polypropylene fiber, or yarn, because they are superior quality, and we pride ourselves on setting the bar for quality standards in the landscape synthetic turf industry.

We do not use nylon because it has absorptive qualities and it does not drain clean. This fiber option is found in inferior synthetic grass products.

Artificial grass has been gaining ground—and a reputation for being eco-friendly because it doesn’t need water, fertilizer, or to be mowed. Plus, the newest generation of artificial grass often looks good enough to fool us into thinking it’s real.

Artificial Grass for Lawns & Balconies?

One of the best and most beautiful ways to magnify the look and feel of your balcony, whether it is a condo or HDB is definitely having Artificial Grass in it. The subtle green look gives an added serenity to your home. The feel of the grass in between your toes as you brush your feet against it is heavenly too.

This non-toxic and vibrant looking material is definitely a must for every home. At a very low cost of only between $280 - $480 for HDB home balconies, it is no wonder, our phones are off the hook!

Living in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t have a gorgeous garden that’s full of decorative, fragrant and even edible plants. If you live in a densely populated area in a smaller home or HDB flat, a balcony garden can be the perfect escape from your urban existence.